Now, many of us know that the true coffee connoisseur drinks black coffee. All this foamy milk only dilutes and defuses the black gold experience. Coffee beans are roasted black. The hot liquor that runs out of them under pressure is black with a golden head. Black coffee is the bete noire of the Gloria Jean’s caramel latte drinking ‘so called’ lover of coffee. These people, who partake of these sweet additives to their concoctions, are heretics, in my humble opinion, when it comes to imbibing coffee. What doth, the already rich roasted bean, require? Nothing but my sweet lips upon the gentle cup. Here, then, are the best ways to make black coffee in your kitchen.

Making Black Coffee at Home

The espresso machine has captured the hearts of the modern coffee aficionado. The tamping of the freshly ground beans into the portafilter is akin to a religious ritual in the cathedral I call my kitchen. I walk groggily upon the new morning’s pathway from my bedroom to my kitchen. I look out my window to see the dawn light filter upon the still river. I smile as my gaze falls upon my little Sunbeam machine. Topping up the water reserve, then, emptying the overflow tray, and grinding my beans, are all acts of piety, prior to the creation of the black coffee itself.

Coffee Making is the New Black

You don’t have to have the best kitchen to make a truly worthy cup of black coffee. You do not need to have the most expensive espresso machine. Whether it is handmade by virgin nuns and flown to this country on the back of angels is neither here nor there, in my view. You do require good quality coffee beans, roasted to the desired level by someone who knows what they are doing. You do, also, need to feel a certain sanctity in the ritualistic process of making black coffee. We should not, even, call it making black coffee, for god’s sake, it is making coffee, the only true coffee.

Milk is for Sissies

Bette Davis once said growing old is not for sissies. Well, milk is for sissies, my friend. Cafes are for sissies, with all their cappuccinos and lattes. Promoting your barista skills on social media is laughable and making coffee for sissies is no great thing in my book. Black coffee is the only true religion. The devil may drink black coffee, filtered or espresso, but it does not make, him or her, a bad entity. It only makes him or her human!